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'I-Art', by Alexandre Da Silva

Anaïs is Mary in 'I-Art', a series produced by Blackpills. It is a short series in English, that mixes Sci-Fi with Dance. Soon available! 


'Plash', by Rudy Etienne

Happy to announce that 'Plash', a film by Rudy Etienne, will be showed at the Short Film Corner in Cannes this year.


'Scènes de Ménages' (French TV series)

The episode Anaïs was in, "Mariage pas gay", was aired. The TV replay is available here for a week:


'The Dreamer': post-production reaches an end!

'The Dreamer', my very first short film, is almost done! It is getting prettier with color grading and will soon be ready to be sent in film festivals.


'Top Floor', a feature film by Jeremy Minui

I am thrilled to show you Jeremy Minui's trailer for his next feature film, in English!


Short film: 'The Dreamer'-Anaïs Parello

Currently preparing the making of the movie, to be shot in July. 

Writing, directing, acting.


Theatre: "Boulevard Voltaire"-Sébastien Scherr

Currently at the Théâtre du Nord-Ouest (Paris) until March 20th. 

Only 2 shows left!

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