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Anaïs grew up between France and Spain in a French-American family.

Very young, she took improvisation classes with Alex Graci and co-created the theatrical company Les Bizzz'Arts, in which she remained for ten years.

After a prep school and a Spanish degree at La Sorbonne, she trained in theater and musicals at Cours Florent.

She acts in French, English and Spanish, and speaks Italian fluently as well.

She is represented by Osmose in France, by Sainou in the UK and by Cristina Chaparro in Spain.

For voice over work, she is represented by V&V-Les Agents Voix ( in France, and by SN Voices in the UK.

In 2017 she wrote and directed her first short film: The Dreamer. In 2020, with Ivan Cori, she co-wrote Souris, soon to be directed by Joan Borderie.

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